Engineer maintenance checking technical data of system equipment.Optimizing refrigeration efficiency is a top priority in manufacturing facilities as the cost of running these systems encompasses over half of the facility’s operating costs. The first step to enhancing your refrigeration system begins with taking a closer look at the system’s individual components. By analyzing the parts, engineers identify cost-saving options and ensure the system is operating reliably and efficiently.

Optimizing and Retrofitting Refrigeration Systems

There are several steps a facility can take to optimize the efficiency and performance of refrigeration systems. These steps include:

  • Energy Management Systems (EMS) Retrofits. As the foundation of energy and maintenance reduction strategies, EMS helps control refrigeration systems with ease. Once installed, it is essential to optimize an EMS to maximize and sustain the effectiveness of an Industrial Refrigeration System.
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). Installing or retrofitting VFDs reduces energy consumption by altering a motor’s speed to match the required load. VFDs are installed on screw compressors to enhance mechanical efficiencies, and they are installed on condenser motors to stabilize head pressure, preventing the motor from engaging in heavy repeats and intense cycles. VFDs offer many benefits to refrigeration systems, including reduced operating costs and improved process accuracy. They also remove the need for expensive and energy-wasting throttle mechanisms while offering enhanced life to motors and other components.
  • Floating Head Pressure. Since compressors work harder in high condensing temperatures, it is important to find the break-even point where the lowest horsepower requirements are used by the condenser and compressors. Utilizing floating head pressure is an effective way to maintain the ideal operating temperature for the two.

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An infographic that explains the steps a facility can take to optimize their industrial refrigeration systems

Advantages with Partnering with Kuhlman Incorporated

Industrial refrigeration compressor unit.

The Kuhlman team has substantial experience in industrial mechanical refrigeration systems, and we are here to find the right solution to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and protect your investment. Our capabilities accommodate all types of refrigeration systems including, new, refurbished, or existing units. We design, construct, install, and service standard and custom refrigeration solutions to ensure client satisfaction every time.

Ensure Your Refrigeration System is Optimized and Retrofitted

The are many benefits of optimizing and retrofitting your refrigeration system. When looking for the most efficient solution for your facility, it is important to partner with experts in the industry. Kuhlman’s team has the experience and knowledge to find the most effective solutions for your refrigeration systems. We provide services that exceed your expectations, from design and construction to installation, repair, and maintenance. Our technicians understand the best practices for system maintenance and can help you determine the ideal ways to optimize your refrigeration systems while staying on budget.

For more information, or to get started on your optimization and retrofitting solution, contact us today.