At Kuhlman Incorporated, we have extensive experience working with industrial mechanical refrigeration systems. Our team manages the design, construction, installation, and servicing of standard and custom refrigeration solutions to ensure all of our customers’ refrigeration needs are fully satisfied.


Our core service offerings are:

  • Custom system design and installation
  • System optimization and retrofitting
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Parts sourcing and supply


Custom Refrigeration System Design & Installation

We fully understand that a standard refrigeration system may not suit the needs of every facility. For customers with highly specific requirements and restriction, we offer custom design, build, and installation services for the following types of central built-up refrigeration systems:

  • Custom Skid Packages
  • Fab Shops to Build
    • Compressor Rooms
    • Vessel Packages
    • Pipe Fabrication
    • Steel Fabrication
    • Defrost Valve Stations
  • High-efficiency systems that reduce electrical costs and maintenance requirements, accommodates future expansions and energy saving grant programs, and abide by practices to meet the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) current standards.
  • Refrigeration System Optimization and Retrofitting

In addition to design, construction, and installation, our team also provide refrigeration training—in-class, hands on, or online—to customer system technicians and maintenance managers to teach them the best practices regarding system maintenance.


Refrigeration System Maintenance and Repair

Refrigeration systems require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they remain in proper working order for the duration of their expected service life. Our preventive maintenance and repair programs are custom-tailored to fit the specific needs of each facility and comply with International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) 6-xxxx standards.

When examining refrigeration units, our technicians are trained to look for improvement and optimization opportunities. These suggestions focus on increasing the performance of the system.

In addition to performing preventative maintenance, we provide remote troubleshooting for mechanical issues. If requested, we present plant managers with a list of recommended parts to stock to facilitate future maintenance and repair operations.


Refrigeration System Parts Sourcing and Supply

Our extensive network of parts manufacturers makes it easy to source and supply the refrigeration system parts our customers need.

Some of the manufacturers we source parts from directly include:

  • Johnson Controls Frick
  • Vilter Manufacturing LLC
  • GEA / FES
  • SGS Refrigeration
  • M & M Refrigeration
  • BAC
  • Colmac Coil
  • Chester Jensen
  • H.A. Phillips
  • Cornell Ammonia Pumps
  • Teikoku Ammonia Pumps
  • Cyrus Shank
  • Danfoss
  • Kelvion
  • Hansen Technology 
  • Calibration Technologies
  • Parker R/S

We maintain a broad inventory of critical components, to facilitate quick delivery of replacement parts to plant or maintenance managers. Additionally, we can assist in setting up an additional or replacement part strategy upon customer request.


Partner With the Refrigeration Experts at Kuhlman Incorporated

Equipped with over six decades of industry experience, our team has the expertise to fulfill any refrigeration system need for new, refurbished, or existing units. By ensuring our customers’ systems are optimized and efficient, we provide them with significant savings regarding time, investment, and energy costs. 

Whether you require custom design and build assistance, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair, or training, we’ve got you covered. 

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