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When your business depends on a working refrigeration system, keeping it well maintained protects your investment and keeps your business going. A refrigeration system that is malfunctioning can result in increased energy consumption, expensive repairs, loss of products, safety risks, and disappointed customers.

Rely on the experts at Kuhlman Incorporated to help you protect your investment and maintain smooth business operations with our commercial refrigeration preventative maintenance, break-fix, and emergency maintenance services.

Refrigeration System Maintenance Services With Kuhlman

At Kuhlman, our experienced technicians deliver a range of maintenance services for custom and standard refrigeration systems, including:


Kuhlman offers calibration services to help maintain controls for optimal performance. When refrigeration systems do not have proper calibration, the system can be less energy-efficient. Temperature sensors, gauges, and slide valves also require calibration to deliver the best performance. Improper calibration can result in:

  • Compensating for unknown factors with more conservative settings
  • Misinformation regarding the system and misdiagnosis of system issues
  • Substandard or ineffective performance overall

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Kuhlman offers the following evaporator maintenance services:

  • Inspect and maintain valves
  • Evaluate motors and controls
  • Inspect fan blades
  • Review readings from the instruments
  • Inspect the overall condition of gaskets and check for leaks
  • Inspect drain line and remove obstructions
  • Inspect defrost heaters
  • Evaluate and tighten electrical connections


Our compressor maintenance services include the following:

  • Inspect control operation
  • Check oil levels, evaluate oil quality and emulsification, and replace if necessary
  • Inspect refrigerant lines, capillary tubes, superheat, and all other lines or hoses
  • Inspect refrigerant valves
  • Evaluate refrigerant levels
  • Evaluate superheat levels at the condenser unit
  • Inspect valve caps and covers, replace damaged and missing caps
  • Inspect filter and strainers, replace or clean when obstructed
  • Evaluate gasket and mechanical seal conditions, replace when necessary
  • Evaluate temperature and vibrations
  • Inspect system alignment
  • Overhaul the entire compressor system
  • Inspect electrical components
  • Evaluate and tighten electrical connections

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At Kuhlman, we ensure proper condenser function by checking for leaks as well as performing the following services:

  • Fan Operation. For proper condenser fan operation, we evaluate the settings, inspect the blades, tighten screws, and ensure lubrication.
  • Heat Exchanger. We inspect the heat exchanger for scale and descale if needed. We also evaluate biocide concentrations.
  • We follow the manufacturers’ recommended clean-in-place (CIP) procedure to clean water tubes in the condenser. We also clean and reseal gaskets in heat exchangers when necessary.
  • Seasonal Settings. We inspect and configure appropriate seasonal settings to compensate for seasonal air changes and available cooling water.

Water pumps

Kuhlman offers the following services to ensure proper water pump function:

  • Inspect unit for leaks
  • Evaluate temperatures and vibrations
  • Inspect and grease bearings
  • Inspect alignment
  • Replace gasket kit
  • Replace mechanical seal
  • Inspect impeller and shaft when necessary

An infographic showing Kuhlman's work with water pumps.

Refrigeration System Repair Services With Kuhlman

Our commercial refrigeration repair technicians have experience in troubleshooting and repairing issues in refrigeration systems of every make and model. If you are experiencing issues of any kind, our experienced technicians have the knowledge and equipment to fix a wide range of components including:

  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Condenser fan motors
  • Circuit boards
  • Coils
  • Control systems
  • Evaporators
  • Evaporator fan motors
  • Recirculators
  • Motor starters
  • Water inlet valves

Our prompt response and quick repairs ensure that you do not lose business or products to a refrigeration issue. We can reduce energy consumption and keep your bills to a minimum by optimizing the efficiency of your system. Our quick and professional repairs ensure that any leak is addressed in compliance with EPA standards, helping you avoid fines and penalties relating to refrigerant leaks.

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Kuhlman for Your Refrigeration System Maintenance and Repair

To ensure a long-lasting refrigeration system that delivers optimal performance, it is essential to have a routine maintenance plan that covers all aspects of your system. Kuhlman can provide a customized and comprehensive maintenance plan to address your system and facility needs, and our technicians fully comply with the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) 6-XXXX standards.

When you depend on our expert technicians, we ensure total optimization of your refrigeration system with an examination and tune-up. We provide professional suggestions to improve system performance and reliability. Our troubleshooting and repairs can resolve any mechanical issues your system may encounter. We can also provide a list of parts to keep in stock to help plant managers know what repairs to expect and mitigate downtime.

Kuhlman has over six decades in the commercial refrigeration repair industry. Our technicians can optimize existing, new, and refurbished refrigeration systems to achieve the highest energy efficiency to help you cut costs and protect your investment. Whether you need maintenance, troubleshooting, build assistance, or custom design, Kuhlman is here to help. Contact us today for more information about our maintenance and repair services.

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