Safety Management of Ammonia Refrigerant Systems

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Ammonia refrigeration is along standing form of refrigeration that is still commonly used today to keep various products cold. This method of refrigeration is popular due to its reliability, efficiency, safety, and proven usefulness. Because of these benefits, ammonia refrigeration is utilized by a wide range of industrial facilities, such as: Meat, poultry, or fish […]

Refrigeration for Breweries: What You Need To Know


Breweries have been around for thousands of years and have significantly impacted the development of modern refrigeration systems. Ammonia has been a standard refrigerant for many large breweries in The United States and Europe for over 100 years, but some smaller breweries have only made the transition to ammonia refrigeration systems recently. Ammonia is a […]

Ammonia Refrigeration

Why Use Ammonia as a Refrigerant?

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Ammonia refrigeration systems use concentrated ammonia as a cooling agent. As a biodegradable compound, it is an increasingly popular eco-friendly option, replacing more harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in a variety of applications.  Ammonia Refrigeration: Environmental Effects While ammonia has been a cooling agent since the advent of vapor-compression refrigeration, it has been replaced […]

how ammonia refrigeration works

How Does an Ammonia Refrigeration System Work?

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Click to Expand The cost-effectiveness and performance efficiency make ammonia refrigeration particularly advantageous for large cooling systems found in industrial applications. Ammonia refrigeration also offers the benefit of continually meeting strict refrigerant guidelines, as it is more environmentally friendly than synthetic refrigerant alternatives. Understanding the properties and advantages of ammonia refrigeration is very helpful in determining […]

ammonia refrigeration system

Debunking Myths About Ammonia Refrigeration

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Ammonia refrigerant systems have been used since the 1850s and have always been valued for their efficiency and reliability. Ammonia refrigerant is used for cold food storage, ice skating rinks, and large-scale air conditioning systems. However, this chemical is commonly misunderstood, which has led to some persistent myths about ammonia refrigeration. Ammonia Refrigeration System Because […]

A photo of a condenser in an industrial refrigeration system

A Guide to Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration System Components


Industrial ammonia refrigeration systems play an essential role in industrial applications and operations, of the food and beverage industry. They ensure temperature conditions remain at optimal levels for the facility’s products and/or processes by eliminating heat rather than, as commonly believed, creating cold. As industrial ammonia refrigeration techniques and technologies advance, companies must stay updated […]

industrial compressor refrigeration station at manufacturing factory

Understanding Industrial Refrigeration

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Although COVID-19 has caused a great deal of disruption in many industries, the global industrial refrigeration sector is considered essential, continues to grow, and plays a vital role in a wide variety of the food and beverage industry. For proper functioning, industrial refrigeration systems rely on different components and types of refrigerants to create cool […]