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  1. Does Your Refrigeration System Need Repairing?

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    Refrigeration systems are needed to keep various items consistently cool, including food, medical supplies, and more. To ensure your refrigeration systems are working properly, it’s important to regularly monitor them and address any potential issues that may develop. Otherwise, inefficient refrigeration can be detrimental to your business and result in higher costs.

    The following are some signs that may indicate a need for commercial refrigeration repair.

    Icy Refrigerator

    Properly functioning freezers shouldn’t contain any ice buildup, and you shouldn’t need to defrost your systems at any point. If any ice appears in the refrigeration system, this may indicate incorrect refrigeration settings, or it may be a sign that blockage is preventing sufficient airflow from entering.

    Buzzing Sound

    Refrigeration systems typically produce a certain level of ambient noise, but if the sound is unusual or the system is emitting excessive noise, there may be a problem. For example, you may notice a loud buzzing noise, which could result from a couple of possible issues, including worn compressors or dirty cooling fans that require cleaning.

    Listen closely for any unusual or loud noise that isn’t typical. If the noise is concerning, it may be time to contact repair professionals before it leads to more serious issues.

    High Energy Bills

    If you notice that your energy costs are higher than usual even when there have been no changes made to your inventory, inefficient refrigeration systems may be the culprit. Keep in mind that different types of refrigeration systems will consume varying amounts of energy, but any unexpected changes in energy costs should be addressed. One way to save money on energy expenses and ensure your systems are functioning optimally is to perform regular maintenance. Try to develop a consistent maintenance schedule that helps keep your systems in check.

    Overhead Motor

    Every refrigeration system runs on motors, which are often warm throughout their operation. However, if that heat extends beyond the motor and into the rest of the refrigerator, the motor may require repairs.

    There are several reasons why motors overheat. For instance, the motor may be overworked due to other issues with the refrigerator. If overheated motors are left unaddressed, you may eventually need to replace the entire refrigeration unit, which can be both costly and inconvenient for your business.

    Commercial Refrigeration Repair from Kuhlman

    If you identify any of these signs, your refrigeration system may require repairs to maintain efficiency and preserve your inventory. The experienced professionals at Kuhlman Incorporated can provide the reliable repair services you need to keep your systems running the way they should. To learn more about our services and capabilities, or to get started on your commercial refrigeration repair solution, contact us or request a quote today.